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Key West is literally A tropical playground loaded with many things to do and activities for folks of all ages and interests. Travelers from all over the world come back to Key West frequently to have fun and enjoy the tropical atmosphere that is loaded with fun things to do and see.t

Here are some fun options for things to do in Key West.. 

Things To Do
On The Water

Many visitors are drawn to the waters of Key West

Things To Do
On Land

There are many fun things to do on land in Key West

World Class

Some of the best fishing guides in the world are in Key West

Key West 

There is always some sort of event in Key West
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Activities On The Water

 If the water is the draw for you to come to Key West you will be super excited. Our water sports, everywhere you turn in Key West there are fun ways to enjoy the day while riding above and below the waves and keeping cool. Eco tours and sandbar trips with all day island parties. At the end of the day a very  popular thing to do is put the sun to bed on board a sunset sail. Finally with our huge living coral reef in the United States snorkeling and diving are a noteworthy draw for Key West visitors. 

Shore Based Activities

Just getting around can be a really fun Key West activity. With our many rental agencies that offer a Myriad of options for a fun way to see Key West. Options that include mopeds, electric cars and even custom Jeeps to rent and see all that Key West and the Florida Keys has to offer. Similarly Walking tours, and pub crawls are a really fun way to see Key West and have some fun doing it. 

Another great draw is we have plenty of public parks and beaches for recreation and sports. Enjoy sports such as volleyball and tennis on public property. In addition Key West has plenty of trails for running, walking and exploring. Our island is not all that big so subsequently these places are easy to get to and enjoy from anywhere in Key West because of their easy to find and close locations. 


Very few places in the world have the diversity in fishing that Key West has. We are sandwiched right between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean with the Gulf Stream just miles away. Inshore or offshore this is a Fishermans paradise. Check out all the different types of Key West fishing available and we can find a trip that will fit your budget and your time line with a fishing guide that will help you and your family make memories. 


It really seems like every week we have some fun thing going on for events in Key West. The best way to keep up with all of it and see if we have something you might be interested in would be to check out our updated Key West events page. Be it the Hemingway days or the song writers festival there is always a good time to be had. Fantasy fest is Huge here in Key West and comes with its own schedule. 

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