Deep Sea Fishing

deep sea fishing sailfish
A young angler with his trophy sailfish. Deep sea fishing on board the "INXS" out of Key West.

Deep sea fishing Key West is just a short boat ride South of our island city. This is where our charter boats take you. Anglers will be fishing in the same waters that Hemingway fished back in the day. 

We have the best charter boats in Key West to take you on a fun filled day of catching  Palegic fish species such as Mahi Mahi (dolphin- dorado), Blackfin Tuna, Atlantic Sailfish, Wahoo, Bonito, Barracudas, Kingfish and more. We have a charter for every Key West fishing season

4 Hour Half Day

Dip your foot in the pool of deep sea fishing be back before lunch.

6 Hour 3/4 Day

6 hours is enough time to get it all done in Key West.

8 Hour Full Day

A full day of deep sea fun fishing adventure.

Split Or Shared

Share the boat with 5 others and save! 4 and 6 hour options.

Due to the customized nature of each Key West fishing charter we ask that you call us to book private charters of 4, 6 and 8 hours. Our personalized approach will ensure that you get exactly what you want from any of our charter boats. Call Island Genn 1-305-292-7212

Text Island Genn 1-786-847-3808

Some Of Our Key West Deep Sea Charter Boats

47' Viking "InXS"

She is fast, has AC and full kitchen with 2 bathrooms.


46' Bertram she has AC full salon and Bathroom

Deep Sea Fishing Charters

Some Information about Key West deep sea fishing mixed with some booking tips to help you get the most out of your day on the water. 

4 Hour Deep Sea Fishing Charter

4 hours of fishing charter from the time you leave the dock to the time you get back. You may bring up to 6 persons on this private charter that departs out of many different places in Key West.  This most affordable private deep sea fishing charter trip is a great option in the fall, winter and spring as the fish are just past the reef. Due to long travel times for our captains to reach the fish in the summer this may not be the best bet. Most deep sea fishing boats will book two 4 hours in one day. So do not be late to your charter and the possibility of extending most likely will not be available. 

6 Hour Deep Sea Fishing Charters

6 hour deep sea fishing charters are a good choice for the entire year for a group of 6 or less on a private charter. A great option to save a little money and still go fishing. Keep in mind that some boats may want to fish another trip on the same day (double) so extending to an 8 hour might be tough if so desired. Run times to the fishing vary throughout the year for our captains and crew. Boats located on the South Side of Key West or Stock Island might be an advantage here to get you to the fish. Call to ask about details and options, We are happy to go over all of them with you. 

8 Hour Deep Sea Fishing Charters

8 hour trips are a great way to go to get the full experience of deep sea fishing here in Key West. The captains have all the time to get to the fish no matter what time of the year it is. The summer can be hot out there so air-conditioned boats with salons or areas to get out of the weather are very nice to have. Some of our non AC deep sea charter boats have nice shaded areas that are well ventilated and comfortable. 

Deep Sea Fishing Booking Tips

Captains And Crew – All of our captains and crews are very talented fishermen. They all have a passion for their anglers to catch fish. We know them all and match our clients to the right crews based on what we think will be the right fit. 

The deep sea fishing charter boats with more amenities and speed are more expensive. Comfort and fishing time cost more money. These boats and all that equipment are very expensive to keep up therefore higher priced. 

What’s Included – All of the deep sea boats we work with have  enclosed bathrooms and supply bottled waters and ice to keep your catch cold. Fishing licenses, bait, fishing gear and fuel are all included in the charter price. The rest is different by the boat. Thats where I come in. Knowing each boat and what to expect for my clients is key. We go over all the details and get you set up. 

What To Look For? Depends on your needs or desires in a boat. Air-conditioning is probably the biggest request I get next to bathrooms. Some of my boats have AC and some don’t. Size is another concern. The larger the boat the less motion of the ocean you may feel. I have boats from 38 ft to 53 ft. The larger boats typically also have Air Conditioning. The last thing to consider is how long it will take to get to the fishing grounds. Remember, that is time spent on your charter. Location is Key for some boats and speed is key for others. I know how long it will take for each boat to get past the reef from their docks, then you get to decide if that works for you. 

Split Or Shared Per Head Boats

Save some money and share the boat. Split, shared or per head boats are where you only pay for the seat you take. All of our deep sea fishing charters cary up to 6 persons. Here you pay for one of those seats instead of the whole boat. “Head Boat’ “Split Charter”  “Shared Charter”. These deep sea fishing charters are captains choice as to what to fish for and where. This is a great way for a walk on experience to see if you like deep sea fishing. Most of the shared boats do a round robin ofr the fishing bites. If there are only 5 fish that bite on your trip and you are the 6th angler in rotation, you may not catch a fish. Also Keep in mind…. If you get sea sick, the others might not be so easy to bring the boat back to shore. 

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