Backcountry Fishing

Backcountry Fishing Barracuda
Barracudas like this one are a fun fight and part of the list of species we catch in the backcountry. Photo- Dream Catcher Charters

Backcountry fishing is a great way for the whole family to have fun fishing. The waters are calm, clear and there is so much to see. This is THE most popular Key West fishing charter.

Book a 4, 6 or 8 hour adventure for 4 or less with one of our amazing professional fishing guides that know how to show everyone a great time fishing and catching without ever losing sight of land. Short run times to the fishing grounds offer the best value for a charter in Key West. The selection of species we fish for are usually captains choice based on what is in season and fun to catch for his crew. 

Check out the Key West fishing calendar to learn more about what species might be available when you visit Key West. 

Where Is The Backcountry?

The mangrove islands that surround Key West to the North and the West are considered to be the Backcountry. When we fish in that area.. we call it backcountry fishing.. This is also where we go Flats Fishing where the focus is on three particular species of fish caught in very shallow waters using flats fishing boats. Generally the water depths are between 1 and 10 feet. This shallow water is mostly crystal clear and very calm making this a very desirable environment for any anglers. 

Backcountry fishing bay boat
Bay boats like the one shown here are excellent boats for backcountry fishing

Charter Details

Most backcountry fishing charters depart around 7 – 8 am in the morning and then around 12:30 – 2 pm or later in the afternoon. 

The fishing boats are bay boats and they range in size from 22 – 24ft in Length. They are fast and capable of getting deep into the backcountry islands. 

All fishing gear, bait, bottled waters and licenses are provided in the cost of the trip. 

Any legally harvested fish will be cleaned and prepared to take to local restaurant for hook and cook.  (I can help here). 

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